Our Fee Policy

Our Fee Policy

"To provide our clients with the highest quality services, at a reasonable cost"

Value for money is what we had in mind when we devised our pricing policy. We strive to ensure that cost is no longer a barrier to our customers. Each and every one of our staff members is instructed to help save customers as much cost as possible. We are always willing to discuss various contract types, conditions and fee schemes.

Initial Consultation:

We do not charge a fee for our first consultation with you.

Hourly rates:

Fees may be charged on the basis of hourly rate. The hourly billing rates vary among the attorneys and paralegal staffs in our firm, and the rates are generally between US $300.00 and US $800.00 per hour. In some cases, this arrangement would help save clients’ costs and work more flexibly than Fixed Fees.

Fixed Fees:

Fixed Fees are fees that are determined upon acceptance of your case, do not change regardless of the time required to handle your case. In addition, the fees are determined by the result we obtain for you. The advantage of a fixed fee is that you are not required to pay anything upon our acceptance of your case and there is no fee charged if we are not successful. In addition, it encourages us to do the best job possible since the amount of our fee depends upon the result that we obtain for you. The amount of a fixed fee is determined by the job that you engage us to undertake, by the time we expect to spend on your case, its complexity and our experience in handling similar matters.

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