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  • DENCO LAW FIRM is proud of a team of over 30 dedicated and qualified lawyers and consultants who are devoting their life and passion for clients’ rights and interests, who are absolutely loyal to professional ethics. Our team possesses a wide experience, deep knowledge and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of law of Vietnam, the practice of enforcement thereof, as well as the ways and tactics of coping with various matters of the law of Vietnam, dealing with Vietnamese authorities and other related parties, other problems which an investor may face when doing business in Vietnam.

    In addition to regular lawyers and consultants, DENCO LAW FIRM has been maintaining long-term and close relations with tens of leading experts in various domains, when appropriate, to deliver professional advices and give assistance to its team.

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  • To ensure the best services for clients, we are not acting alone but in association with leading law firms and consulting companies from many countries in the world, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey…

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